3 Simple Foam Rolling Exercises to Soothe Tight Muscles

3 Simple Foam Rolling Exercises to Soothe Tight Muscles

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There’s a magical way to ease those tight muscles and ‘knots’ in your body. This is perfect for runners, fitness trainers or anybody out there who just wants to improve their performance, mobility and flexibility. My not-so-secret secret? FOAM ROLLING. You can get it inexpensive piece at any store out there like TJMaxx or on Amazon (12-inch for $8, 36-inch for $18, yes I am an affiliate for amazon but only because you can buy everything on there and it is amazing).

I have 3 favorite foam rolling exercises that I am going to share with you. These tips are very helpful whenever you have those knots, but really should be done at least every other day to increase your mobility, flexibility, and help you see those GAINZ. These moves will help you de-stress, improve mobility and flexibility, and prevent injuries. I always incorporate foam rolling into my warm up before I lift. It is the best and worst thing you will ever experience….you won’t understand til you do it!


Open up the hip flexor and lengthen the quads. Come on to the foam roller and get some leverage. Go up right below the hip bone and walk your arms to right above the knee joint.

Another way to do this is to stack the legs and roll on one leg at a time. Go slow At least 30-35 seconds each side. The more weight you put the more pressure it gives.

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2. The IT Band

Place one foot up. Lift your opposite foot on the foam roller. Lie on your side with the foam roller under your outer thigh. Roll between the knee and the hip, pausing on any sore/tight spots. Do it on the other side. Be sure to support your body weight and roll above the knee and below the hip.

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3. The Lats

Come down on your hips. Raise one arm and lean on the foam roller just under your armpit. Roll it up and down to find that tight, sore spot. Switch sides.

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Try it and notice how you are feeling relaxed, revived and fresh! Tag me in your posts and let me know if you want to see more mobility drills! @kthake or visit tinyurl.com/katiehaketruth for more tips!


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