No Gym? No Problem! Part I

Now that the dreaded finals are over I am back in Fort Wayne without my beloved Co-Rec. So, I just don’t have to work out for 3 weeks, right? HA, WRONG! While I could easily Pinterest, Netflix, and Blog all day (watch Blackfish if you haven’t, great documentary about Seaworld), I figured I would instead create simple and effective workouts for all my fellow gym-less college friends.

Staying true to Paulina and I’s lifting schedule, where we work a different muscle group each day, Monday was my favorite…LEG DAY! All you need is an optional weight, a space to move, a timer, and yourself! This workout will be sure to have you sweating and hating the stairs tomorrow 😉

  • Squat Jumps + Overhead Press
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges + Dumbbell swing
  • LOW Squat + Kick R & L
  • Burpee + Tuck Jump
  • Skaters

*45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, then move to next exercise
*Repeat 5xs through

  • 25 Sumo Squats
  • 25 Stationary Lunges R
  • 25 Stationary Lunges L
  • 25 Single Leg Glute Lifts R
  • 25 Single Leg Glute Lifts L

*Repeat 5xs through

  •  Wall Sit –> 2 minutes or to failure

How to Stay Sane During Finals

This stressful time of the semester usually consists of no sleep, junk food galore, never ending caffeine, and enough reading to make you rip your hair out or strangle your neighbor (it’s cool Maddy and I are still friends ;))! While I can’t give you the answers to your exams, I can give you some tips to help stay SANE and make it to break feeling healthy, happy, and alive! What are your favorite finals week rituals? Share your tips below!

1. EXERCISE – Bet you didn’t guess I was going to say this one huh? You don’t have to spend hours at the gym, but be sure to do SOMETHING to keep you active! Do a quick 20-30 minute HIIT workout, take a yoga class, or just take some time to blow off steam at the gym. Working up a sweat will distract you, relieve stress, and give you more energy to stay focused and hit the books again. The hardest part is getting there, but trust me, you will be glad you did after!

2. MAKE A SCHEDULE & STICK TO IT! – Write out a block schedule of how many hours you will dedicate to not only each exam, but each lecture/chapter/etc. Planning out what you have to do beforehand will help you feel more prepared with a plan of action. The key to this tip is to stick to your plan, in order to stay on track and ahead of the game. If you want to talk about to-do lists, holla atcha girl because I am obsessed.

3. EAT GOOD, FEEL GOOD – Let’s be real, if you eat an extra large mad mush cheesy bread, you will FEEL like an extra large mad mush cheesy bread. Fuel your brain to keep you focused, full, energized, and content. Choose nutrient dense foods, including fiber and protein to keep you full. Plan ahead for your long days at the library by packing a healthy wrap or salad. Pack snacks like fruit, veggies, trail mix, yogurt, granola bars, almonds, etc. Avoid all the free study traps like cookies, candy, and chips. It is likely you will over indulge and feel stuffed, bloated, greasy, blah, gross, you get the gist. Do NOT skip meals, even if you are too busy, whatever!

4. STAY THIRSTY – Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated, awake, and avoid mindless snacking. Try adding cucumber, berries, or lemon to zest up your agua. If you need that extra caffeine jolt, do your best to drink it black, or with skim/soy milk. Too much sugar and cream is no bueno. Tea is also great to sip on while studying…warm with lots of antioxidants! Sleepy tea with chamomile is my favorite to help calm my nerves and get me to sleep.

5. SLEEP – Try to get AT LEAST 6 or 7 hours in (8 is ideal, give yourself a pat on the back if this is you!). Sleep deprivation will only make it more difficult to concentrate, retain information, and increase stress levels. If you are too stressed/nervous to sleep, drink tea or take melatonin, a natural, non-addictive sleep aid.

6. CONTROL YOSELF – If you know Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are your pitfalls, then stay FAR AWAY. Delete the apps off your phone, and only study with your computer if you absolutely NEED it. Macs can use a website called self-control that allows you to block these addicting websites for a certain amount of time…pretty cool! Know your down falls, and avoid them.

7. CREATE MINI REWARDS – Tell yourself, if I finish this lecture, or if I don’t check my phone for the next hour, I can take a 15 minute break on Facebook or read my celebrity gossip. Create mini motivations, challenges, or goals in your head to keep you going.

8. FIND YOUR MOJO – Pick a quiet space to study with few distractions. Be wary about study buddies…pick those who will motivate you to be quiet and focus, not those who chit chat and rub their procrastination off on you. Use 8tracks to find a killer playlist, and create an environment where you are as productive as can be!

9. BREATHE – aaaand exhale! After you turn in that exam, there is nothing you can do! Do your best, forget the rest. The rest is out of your control, so REFOCUS, move on to your next subject, then BREATHE and celebrate when you are finally done!!!

10. BELIEVE! – Positive self-talk makes a huge difference! Tell yourself you’re a rockstar, and finals ain’t got nothin on ya! YOU GOT THIS!!!

Peace and Protein, Katie

The SKINNY on Holiday Health

The holidays are time full of family, friends, joy, drinks, food, and more FOOD! Am I right?! Below are some tips to help keep you on track this holiday season and more importantly enjoy this season 🙂

1. Maintain, Not Gain: Be realistic. I am not saying it is impossible to lose weight over the holidays (30 Day Challenge graduate Erin is proof!), but focus more on just staying on track.

2. Exercise: It is okay to veer from your normal routine, but still try to get some activity in. If you are like me without a gym membership and home for break, get creative! I have invested in several at home fitness DVD’s like Insanity, Turbo Kick, Chalean Extreme, and PiYo to allow me to workout in my living room or garage. On Demand often has fitness channels, or the outdoors are always free!

3. Don’t Skip Meals: Skipping breakfast or other meals to “save” for the big holiday dinner may cause you to overindulge later in the day, and also slow your metabolism.

4. The More Colorful, the Better: Create a visually appealing plate with bright fruits and veggies to make up the majority. Avoid all one color like potatoes, rolls, stuffing, and creams. Think orange, red, greens, and yellows, and you will most likely have a more nutrient dense plate!

5. Indulge in Your Favorites: Don’t feel guilty or deprive yourself from indulging in your holiday favorites. It takes an excess of 500 calories per day (3,500 in one week) to gain a pound. That means that that one (or 2) piece of Aunt Betty’s Apple Pie is not going to make you gain weight!

6. Find Activities to Do With Family & Friends: Sign up for a holiday race such as a Galloping Gobbler, or Gingerbread Pursuit. Grab a FFF and google for one in your hometown. Play board games, cards, look through old pictures, or karaoke with your loved ones. Find activities where food and drink are not the focus.

7. Bring Your Own Healthy Dish: Pinterest is a beautiful thing, my friends. Find a healthy version of your favorite dessert…your family doesn’t need to know that those bomb brownies you brought are made of black beans with half the calories! 😉

8. Be Smart About The BOOZE:  Choose fruit juices or seltzer water over sugary, syrupy drinks (usually anything that sounds fancy like a Fruity Tooty Tangy Slider Sprizter, etc you get the idea). Also choose clear alcohol…the darker stuff contains more compounds that cause hangovers or “brown bottle flu” the next day.

9. KISS: Keep it simple sweetie! Less is more! Choose foods (and drinks) where you can identify everything in the dish. Chances are items like casseroles and creams with unidentifiable objects are also packed with calories, fat, and sugar. If you can name all the ingredients, it might be a better choice.

10. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Do NOT feel guilted into taking home all the left overs from Grandma Georgine! (these are all hypothetical family members fyi) If the gathering is at your house, send everyone back home with their dishes, claiming you have no space or desire to eat the pounds of stuffing! This goes with all things that cause you to cave, if it is out of sight, chances are you will forget what you are missing.

Stay tuned for more health tips, recipes, and advice this season. Remember, this time is to be enjoyed relaxing with the ones you love, so don’t stress and just RELAX! Happy Holidays!

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Fat Free Friends

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Think about it! So true! Who do YOU spend the majority of your time with? In Chalene Johnson’s book PUSH (my favorite) she talks about surrounding yourself with the type of people you want to be. So, fat free friends are NOT your super skinny, model looking, calorie counting machines! They are people who lift you UP, not weigh you down. They support your journey to become happy and healthy. They are motivating, successful, and drama free!

These people PUSH you to be the best version of you, even if that means telling you what you don’t want to hear!

Fat-Free Friends Quiz

Think about the people you’ve chosen as your friends.  Can you answer “YES” to all of the following questions?
1.) Does your friend support your vision for a healthy, successful life?
2.) Does he or she lift you up and hold you accountable?
3.) Does he or she have a positive influence on who you are as a person?
4.) Does your friend have respect for herself, her relationships, health and fitness?

Below are a few (of my many) F^3 . Share this post with yours! And check out Chalene’s full article on FFF 🙂

Maddy and I after paying for an $85 cab to Joondalup, Australia to run a half marathon and 10K. GOOD TIMES!
Beachbody Team Sapphire after Julie Voris’s PiYo class
Paulina and I at Midwest Mania in Chicago, IL