My Christmas Wish List

So if you are like me, instead of actually doing your Christmas shopping, you are reading/writing a blog about all the COOLEST gadgets out there! I feel like doing a “Katie’s Favorite Things” in case you are in need of some last minute gift ideas for your fit friend and maybe that fit friend is yourself, no judgement here 😉


  1. Fitbit Charge HR – OB.SESS.ED. yes 3 syllables. If you have one, you understand, if you don’t have one, you feel totally left out of all these challenges and fitbit slang. While my genius PhD clients will argue with me that activity monitors don’t give accurate heart rate or sleep stats, I disagree!! I find my HR to be fairly close when I check it on my own. It at least gives me a range to know if I am close to the intensity I am aiming for. The sleep feature has forced me to set sleep goals which I would NEVER do in the past! Also, it is overall just motivating and makes exercise/moving more fun than it already is. The app is user friendly, and as a dedicated Fitbit user for over 2 years I highly recommend!! *I am an affiliate for amazon if you order through the link, but I don’t care where/how you order it, just get it. Now. Amazon is the bomb dot com though in case you haven’t heard.
  2. Select Tech Bowflex WeightsYeah I don’t have these, but here’s the link so feel free to send them to me 😉 You can adjust the weight in one dumbbell! Genius!!
  3. Pocket Spot Light – For my Periscope peeps or maybe you just want really good lighting for your selfies. Well worth it for better lighting when making at home fitness videos
  4. Lululemon Define Jacket – For as much as I live in my workout clothes this jacket is warm yet light weight enough to wear everywhere I go. To class, from class, in trainings, anywhere. It has the thumb holes and is fitted to make you feel sleek and professional even though you are really a sweaty hot box of hell!!
  5. Gorilla Tripod –  Best $5 I ever spent. Never worry about not being able to join a picture. Just whip out your tripod and set the timer! I would be lying if I said I didn’t use this at least once a day.
  6. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker – Also use this everyday whether as a back up for teaching, to rock out while I sing in the shower, or to blast my podcasts while I run around the house. The sound quality is great and comes in fun colors too!!
  7. Batiste Dry Shampoo – I think you can buy this in Target but I prefer to just buy it in bulk…for real tho
  8. Lebert Equalizer – Again, don’t have one but it’s never too early to start planning your future home gym! SO much you can do with this equipment…and cute colors too!
  9. TRX Suspension Trainer – If my clients want to invest in just 1 piece of equipment, I always suggest the TRX. You can get a killer total body workout with both cardio and strength in this one easy to transport piece. Love, love, LOVE. Seems a bit pricy, but from what I have heard the off brands are not as high of quality.
  10. Passion Planner – Not only is the planner awesome, the owner is a young girl boss who is really paying it forward with her business. She is legit amazing and everyone should support her cause!! And get organized while doing so 😉 Feel free to use as a referral, then tell all your friends to use your email as a referral….3 referrals = 1 free passion planner for you to give to someone as a gift!! Pay it forward!!
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